Digital Psychology

Whether you call it digital psychology, digital economics or behavioral science – it all amounts to just one thing; an intimate understanding of your online customers.

The GUkU understands the psychology behind consumer’s online decision making, and with 9 years of award winning marketing experience, we’re well aware that it’s not just the conscious brain that makes the rules.  The unconscious brain – often called the reptilian brain, is what your consumers call upon when making decisions based on instinct, intuition and gut reaction. But intuition is susceptible to cognitive heuristic and framing techniques – and understanding these approaches, and their impact on your customer, provides real competitive advantage.

We will carry out a full behavioral audit using techniques taken from our Digital Psychology Toolkit, and apply methodologies from the fields of behavioral economics and web psychology to your digital portfolio (including websites, email communications, social media, and apps); analyzing heuristic and framing influences and returning influence scores for our core heuristic approaches.

Once analysis is complete, we will work with you to create a bespoke strategy to generate maximum returns on your investment.

Finally, we can work directly with either your own nominated developers, or developers selected from our Trusted Partner Network, to implement a complete A/B change and testing program, to conclusively demonstrate the value returned from your consultation and advisory process, and exponentially increase your revenues.

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