What is a GUkU?

How often do you deal with digital experts that just don’t understand your customer? How often are you faced with competent marketers that just don’t understand digital?

Bridging the mental divide between digital and psychological thinking

Bridging the mental divide between digital and psychological thinking

This is where The GUkU comes in.   We bridge the gap between the left brain and the right brain, taking the lessons learnt from behavioral economics and psychology, and applying them to contemporary digital marketing challenges.

– Do you want to know how to use cognitive dissonance theory to increase repeat sales and extend customer lifetime value?
– Do you want to know how the creation of anchor products can increase sales of other products in your portfolio?
– Are you curious to know how to increase customer conversion by applying consistency theory from the 1970’s?

By combining knowledge from social science disciplines with current digital best practice, we can help you answer these questions, and many more.

GUkU understand your customer’s better than they understand themselves, and by optimizing your customer’s online behavior to take advantage of this insight, we can generate more sales, increase customer spend, and increase your customer’s loyalty.

In short, we understand, we communicate, we implement.  You win.

Go on, challenge us.

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