Who is the GUkU?

An introduction to digital psychology (40mins. You have been warned!)
– Presentation given at the 2014 Etailcore European summit

Andrew Nicholson MSc DipM.  Founder and  resident GUkU.

Our founder’s passion for all things digital has seen him evolve from a traditional CIM marketer into a multi-award winning digital diva, with a keen eye for buyer behavior and consumer psychology.

His recently completed Master’s thesis delved deep into the world of social media reviews, exploring how the acts of writing and publishing product endorsements retrospectively alter consumer perception of a product, and his ground breaking work on cognitive heuristics and biases has demonstrated how our shared evolutionary heritage can still affect consumer buying decisions to this day.

From using social media to recruit and drive record breaking employee engagement at the London 2012 Olympics, to developing multi-million pound eCommerce sites and delivering award winning emarketing campaigns, Andrew’s done it all. 

When it comes to digital expertise, I can think of no one who is more knowledgeable, adaptable and inventive as Andrew. We started off selling our service to Andrew, by the end of our 5 year business relationship he was advising us and helping the company expand our brand. There aren’t enough positive adjectives I can use to describe how much respect and admiration I have for him“.

(Sean Mitchell.  Digital Portfolio Manager at UBM Live)


Get in touch directly with Andrew at Andrew@the-guku.co.uk

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